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Cured By Your Voice


Your sorry eyes, they cut through bone. They make it hard to leave you alone. Baby you're a lost cause.

Name: 『Frank☆Iero』

Age: 16

Status: 9 month relationship, engaged.

Bio:Frank Iero was born October, 31, 1991 in Belleville, New Jersey. He was the son of the rather successful Frank Iero. Yes Frank is actually the third. Frank Anthony Thomas Iero III. His father was a multi millionaire that got his money from buying out other companies and building and spreading out his own.
Frank used to be a normal boy. He used to have friends where ever he went, used to b so social and the star of everything. He was the center of the universe. People loved him and loved to be around him. For the most part he got everything that he could have wished for but he was never snobby and he never went around thinking he was better than other people, which only drew people to him more. He had a gravitational pull to him that people just couldn't resist. His life was perfect.
That is until one day it all came crashing down. It was November 11, 2003. It was only a few weeks after his twelfth birthday when his father had gone missing. Frank and his mother thought nothing of it, just thinking that his father went out on a sudden business meeting. But there were no plane trips booked in his name and it wasn't until the next morning that his father was found.
November 12, 2003. Frank got up at six o'clock just like any normal school day and did his daily routine. He caught the bus like he always did but there was one thing wrong. He walked up to the school finding police there; they were rolling away a body in a bag. Kids were crowded around and the police and teachers were telling them to go home. This caused a lot of parents to get rather upset. But really the body wasn't found until the principal got there and he called the police before he called the county or news stations to tell them school was closed.
The principal pulled Frank aside then and told him that he should call his mom, that they had reason to believe that the burnt body that was found was his father's.
It was then that Frank lost his innocence and that he no longer believed that life should be lived like a party.
He barely remembers anything from that day other then sitting in police offices and hearing his mother hysterically crying.
In the course of the next few weeks his 'old life' kind of became a blur to him. He moved back to Jersey with his mother so he had to say good bye to all his friends and he pretty much forgot all their faces. He can barely even remember things they used to do together. All memories of anything before the 12th of November just kind of disintegrated away.
But what was worse was how Frank's mother couldn't handle his sudden change of personality. She was convinced that he wasn't her son. It was a habit of hers to tell him that every day. "You aren't Frank. You can never be Frank. Just give me back my son." Things got so bad that she couldn't stand to be around him anymore and sent him away.
This is how he came to stay at Salisbury.

Likes: a good conversation, diversity, hearing other people's thoughts and opinions, books, art, horror movies, photography, and music. (and tons more)

Dislikes: Being yelled at, being told that something can only be one way, no free thinking.


Frank normally carries around a camera with him to take pictures of the people he meets and the memories he creates with them. He's terrified of forgetting his current self.

Birthday: 10/31/1991

School Schedule: Honors Signature Classes
Period One: Advanced Photography
Period Two: Advanced Placement Literature And Composition
Period Three: Culinary Essentials
Period Four: Advanced Placement Calculus
Period Five: Advanced Placement Biology
Period Six: Advanced Placement Chemistry
Period Seven: Advanced Placement Psychology
Extra Period: French (Year 7)

This journal is part of a role playing community on www.greatestjournal.com, which means that it is all a work of fiction. Though there may be some celebrity likenesses portrayed here, rest assured that these are indeed not those people represented here, and only fictitious renditions of them, purely for entertainment purposes. In no way do these journals or characterizations reflect upon the celebrity likenesses used. Nothing you read in this community or in these journals is true, and is simply a work of fandom. No profit is gained from the public materials and pictures used in this game, which constitutes fair use under section 107 of the US Copyright Law.